hard boiled egg cooker

Product Description

Want to cook hard boiled eggs in less time than it takes to boil them in water? The Dash Deluxe rapid hard boiled egg cooker takes the hassle out of the traditional boil method and can cook up to 12 eggs fast. Clean up is a breeze plus the Dash Deluxe also comes with a non stick poaching and omelet tray. 


Pros & Cons




Rapid Hard Boiled egg Cooker

Soft boiled eggs take about 6 minutes, medium boiled eggs 8 minutes and hard boiled eggs 10-12 minutes.



Perfect Eggs

This Dash Deluxe hard boiled egg cooker takes the guess work out of how long it takes to have perfectly boiled eggs. Once the timer is done you know your eggs are perfectly cooked. 



Versatile Cooker

This machine not only boils eggs but it can also make poached eggs, omelets, steam vegetables and seafood. Recipe book included for meal inspiration.



Design Size

The design is just the right size which helps you to alleviate counter clutter.



User friendly

Easy and fast setup. Buzzer alerts when the eggs are finished and the auto-shut off function helps to prevent overcooking. Clean up is a breeze with this machine.



Customer Service

The dash team is very friendly and customer dedicated. They are also fast at responding to emails. 



Potential Cons



Power Cord Is Short

Power cord is just 12 inches long. This may be a little short for some people and I personally wish it was at least 18 inches in length.



Water Level

If you don’t add enough water it can dry out and disrupt the cooking process. I found that adding more than enough water is better than letting it dry out. 



Portion Size OF Cooking Dish

Though it does a great job at cooking omelets and the many other things it can cook, the size of the tray portioned to cook them in is very small.



WAter Hot Plate

If you don’t use distilled water once the water dries up it can leave stains from the mineral deposits. If you let the water dry out the mineral deposits can burn leaving a nasty smell and taste in your food so be sure to add enough water and using distilled is best. 

Final Thoughts – Dash Deluxe hard boiled egg cooker review

The Dash Deluxe hard boiled egg cooker is best in class for cooking boiled eggs. Hands down this cooker saves time and energy. There is versatility of cooking other foods with the Dash Deluxe like steaming vegetables or warming up tortillas just to name a few. However our team found its best applicable for cooking boiled eggs.

The important operational functions the iReviewPros team learned from this product was to make sure you use enough water to complete the cooking process and using distilled water helps keep the machine cleaner. Using distilled water also helps foods that are outside of the egg or non-egg foods will have a better taste. My only small gripe with this product is that the cord was not long enough other than that the Dash Deluxe hard boiled egg cooker is definitely uniquely useful.




5.5 × 6 × 5.5 in



1.5 lbs




Red, Black, Aqua, White