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Product Description

Cubii is the fitness industry front runner for compact elliptical machines. Ergonomically designed, this user friendly workout can be conveniently performed at work or home making it the perfect unique gift.


Pros & Cons




easy on your joints

Low impact workout with smooth rotations that helps to not stress your joints.




A handle in the center of the elliptical machine makes it convenient to move around. 




Real time calories, RPM, strides and distance display the ergonomic design is small enough to fit under a desk but big enough to get the job done. 



User friendly

Easy and fast setup just simply tighten 4 screws and your ready to workout. 



Customer Service

Superb customer service! This company wants to make sure you are happy with their products and they also leave room for customer suggestions. If you are not satisfied with the product they refund you no hassle pure 5 star service.



Potential Cons



Is It Really As Quiet As Claimed

The answer is Yes & No. Depending on what you call quiet. Though not loud the rotations sound like a light fan blowing and someone next to you could easily hear it. Also we have heard other users say that the pedals can make a annoying clicking sound during rotations.



Tall People Beware

If you are 6 feet 2 inches and above using this machine under a desk with normal height can present a challenge. However using it in open spaces are mostly idea.



Not Enough Resistance

Though great for circulation if your looking for strong resistance to create an intense workout you may be a little unimpressed. I does has 6 levels of resistance but they are fall just a hair short for an advanced workout.



May Be heavy For Some

Yes this elliptical machine is portable however the weight of carrying it to a from work may be a hassle for some to consistently lift 27lbs especially for the elderly.




23.15 x 17.56 x 10 in





Final Thoughts

Cubii is a great product overall and we find that it is best suited for use at home rather than the office. This is mainly due to the weight of the machine not being easily portable for daily transporting. Excellent use for those who a live sedentary lifestyle and perfect those who are looking to improve their circulation. The machine is quiet but not 100% quiet the light fan like noise is not loud but it can be heard by someone next to you and a few feet beyond. This unit would be even more fantastic if it had a harder resistance setting for individuals looking for a higher intensity workout and strength builder. This is a must have unique gift for seniors and those with rehabilitation needs. Overall this is an excellent product with great customer care.