heated vest

Product Description

Cubii is the fitness industry front runner for compact elliptical machines. Ergonomically designed, this user friendly workout can be conveniently performed at work or home making it the perfect unique gift.


Pros & Cons




Heating Elements

The 4 heating zones in the vest keep your upper body and hands warm. The heating elements are located in the neck, upper back and two heating elements in the lower front across the pockets. You can adjust these heating elements with 3 settings low, medium and high. 



Vest Material

Made from 100% nylon the insulated vest is really lightweight and fitted for unrestricted mobility. 




Long lasting durability for everyday use this vest is made with wind and rain resistant materials giving you added protection from the diferent elements of weather. 




This vest heats up pretty quickly in just seconds. The heat can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. The heat has 3 settings and can be easily set with the temperature indicator as follows: red = high ; white = medium ; blue = low. 



Easy care

The vest is machine washable and has been tested for durability with up to 50+ washes.



Potential Cons




The Ororo heated vest is fitted a little loose so you have mobility. However many owners of this vest including myself wish it was more fitted so that the heat is closer to the body. That way you could warm up quicker and save battery by using a lower setting for longer use.



Vest Sizes

The vest run small so you need to order a size larger than your normal fit. This is vest currently does not have sizes for the big and tall individuals who are over 6 feet 3 inches or individuals who need a 3x or larger.



Warming indicator

There is a visible temperature indicator light on the upper left chest area that shows the heating level you have it set on. While this is not neccesarily a bad thing I personally don’t want attention drawn to the vest while im having a conversation with someone. Id like it to be discret so it looks fluid with my attire.




Many individuals and including myself wish the battery pack was less heavy. It weighs down the pocket and can make the vest tilt a little. Also the 10 hours of heat is if it is set on low with the high setting you get a little less time.



Order Wisely

The vest tends to run small so be sure to order a size larger because this vest is shipped from over seas and you will have to pay shipping if you don’t order the right size vest. Plus it will take longer to get a replacement because of the shiping distance. 



Size Chart

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Sleeve length
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Final Thoughts

Out of all of the heated vest we tested we found the Ororo to be the best. The vest is stylish up to date with the modern look and lightweight. The heating elements are really good and the length of battery life is spot on. My wishes were that the vest also had a fitted option instead of just the relaxed fit for a more modern fitting. Also I wish the battery was lighter its comparable to carrying a loaded flask in your pocket. I also hope in the future they give an option to turn off the temperature indicator light display especially for hunting purposes it can be easily spotted. Also be sure to order a vest a size larger as they tend to run small. Overall it is unique in the way of heated clothing and certaintly is great for everyday use.